How is 5G Slicing different from QoS

Network Slicing is a 5G-enabled technology that allows the creation of an E2E Network instance across the Mobile Network Domains (Access, Transport, & Core). Each slice is ideally identified with specific network capabilities and characteristics. The technique of provisioning a Dedicated E2E Network Instance to End users, Enterprises, & MVNOs is called “Slicing” where one Network can have multiple slices with different Characteristics serving different use cases. The technology is enabled via an SDN/NFV Orchestration framework that provides Full Lifecycle management for the Slices enabling the dynamic slicing (on-demand instantiation & termination for Slices) with full-Service Assurance Capabilities.

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Beamforming definition and techniques in 5G NR

I don't think trasmitting signal in Beam in high frequency deployment would be the matter of choice. It is a kind of 'MUST' implementation. In case of low / mid frequency region without using massive antenna array, a single transmission would cover a lot of UEs simultaneously. However, when the radiation become beam-shaped it is very difficult to cover multiple UEs in single transmission unless those multiple UEs are located in very close proximity. To handle this problem, we need a very sophisticated idea of managing/controlling the beam to cover the multiple devices scattered in all directions and the management/control mechanism should be different depending on the situtations. We will see more details in beamforming management operation part. Latest 5G news and 5G FAQ

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Q: What is 5G

A: 5G is the 5th generation mobile network. It will take a much larger role than previous generations. 5G will elevate the mobile network to not only interconnect people, but also interconnect and control machines, objects, and devices. It will deliver new levels of performance and efficiency that will empower new user experiences and connect new industries. 5G will deliver multi-Gbps peak rates, ultra-low latency, massive capacity, and more uniform user experience. Latest 5G news and 5G training

5G NR Interfaces: X2&Xn, S1&NG, F1&E1 (5G training:

What are differences between X2 and Xn interfaces, S1 and NG interfaces, F1 and E1 interfaces ?

In LTE networks, X2 and S1 interface are defined as an interfaces between RAN nodes and between RAN and Core Network.

As you know 5G is expected to operate in two modes NSA and SA modes. Latest 5G news and 5G training

3GPP 5G roadmap and 5G main features (5G training)

3GPP released a subset of the specifications sufficient to deploy the NR access network in NSA mode in December 2017, before completing the first phase of the 5G specifications with Release 15 in June 2018.

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