artificial intelligence in 5G

Applications of AI and machine learning in 5G 

As 5G standards mature more quickly and its pre-commercial tests are carried out around the globe, the pace of 5G deployment is speeding up and more innovative applications are made possible through 5G networks. In the era of 5G, telecom carriers are also faced with the challenges of network complexity, diverse services and personalized user experience. 

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The OFCOM investigates 5G exposure to EMF

Ofcom The Office of Communications which is the UK government-approved regulatory and competition authority for the broadcasting, telecommunications and postal industries of the United Kingdom has opened up an examination on human exposure to Electromagnetic Field Emissions (EMF) in the UK.

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Beamforming in 5G

How Beamforming works in 5G NR 

I don't think trasmitting signal in Beam in high frequency deployment would be the matter of choice. It is a kind of 'MUST' implementation. In case of low / mid frequency region without using massive antenna array, a single transmission would cover a lot of UEs simultaneously. However, when the radiation become beam-shaped it is very difficult to cover multiple UEs in single transmission unless those multiple UEs are located in very close proximity.

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