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5G New Radio Architecture Deployment Options

Whenever you are confronting with 5G New Radio deployment, you would certainly hear there are several options. We are going to walk through what choices are available and exactly how to comprehend them in terms of specs.

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5GWorldPro.com : 5G news and 5G training

 What is spectrum ?

Anything that connects wirelessly requires spectrum. Spectrum has different characteristics which makes it suitable for different purposes: 


■ Scientific & meteorlogical

■ Mobile broadband

■ Aeronautical & maritime

■ Broadcasting (TV/radio)

■ Private mobile radio

■ Mobile satellite services & radio localisation (GPS)

■ Unlicenced (Wifi) / satellite

Spectrum for mobile

Spectrum for mobile is key to deliver connectivity to devices, dongles and tablets as well as industry and applications of the future, smart health, connected objects, Internet of Things (IoT).

But as more users come online, the existing networks have just about reached the limit of what they are capable of, as users want more and more data for their devices. However, spectrum is a limited resource, and as more demand increases more spectrum is needed and everybody wants some. 

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5GWorldPro.com : 5G news and 5G training

5G Modems Chipsets

Hi-Silicon (Huawei) has launched its very first generation 5G-only Balong 5G01 cellular modem as well as, more recently, its second generation LTE/5G Balong 5000 cellular modems. A 5G variation of its Kirin processor, the Kirin 990, has additionally been introduced.

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5GWorldPro.com : 5G news and 5G training

New 5G projects approved for Release 17

Release 17 decisions were made throughout the quarterly 3GPP RAN Plenary meeting, held recently in Sitges, Spain (december 2019). 

Some of the most important features planned in release 17 are highlighted below:

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