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Lessons from 5G experience in India and also Japan

Listed below some of the 5G experience provided by Reliance Jio in India and Rakuten in Japan for their next 5G launch that can relate to service providers working to balance the capex lift of 5G while combating an uphill ARPU fight.

1- Operators have to focus on replacing their legacy networks to pave the way to all IP networks, with new IT infrastructure instead of telco parts.. 

2- A standalone 5G network needs a lot more IT-centric approach to provide different use cases . It needs also to adopt the automatisation of the network provisioning.

3- Virtualisation and cloudification of core network, The sepration of the user plan from the control plan ( CUPS) are essential to answer several use case.

4-  Putting another radio that provides you speeds as well as feeds, you will never ever generate income from that. If you develop use cases that will certainly fix the world's problems, you will monetize.

5- Bringing DC to the edge and cloudification will help some features happen as needed without hands-on intervention.

6- 5G isn't limited of developing the radio access network, It's about virtualization, artificial intelligence, Machine learning, the IoT as well as entreprise enablement.

7- If you want to go quickly, absolutely go alone. If you want to go far, go together. So Open Source Software is an additional secret Key.

8- Open RAN is the beginning of business improvement of the industry, items with O-RAN interfaces is starting ahead to market.

9- There is still not a single telco in the globe that has relocated all of its workloads to the cloud, rakuten in Japan will certainly be the 1st .

10- A cloud-first method takes expense out of 5G.


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