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5G per-GB price: 5% higher than 4G 

Comparison of price per Gbytes solde in 5G Vs in 4G per operator: 

Below different strategies provided by operators to monetize 5G offers:

1- No-extra-cost packages:

Same price for 4G and 5G No extra cost for 5G to ensure consistency with 4G tariffs, protecting 5G per-GB prices.

Optimized main package slots and pricing strategies to expand limits of tariffs.

2- Independent packages: differentiated policies

More-for-more: lower unit price but more volume and services in packages to increase prices, such as LGU+(+5%) and SKT.
5G value increase: higher unit prices but differentiated 5G experience to achieve monetization, such as Zain.

 3- Add-on packages: 20% increase in 5G unit price

VRZ: Add-on packages cover 5G experience in addition to unlimited volume and hotspots.

VIVA-KW: Add-on packages cover only 5G experience, and per-GB price increases by 20%.


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