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Do you think you really know the actual frequency range of FR1 in 5G

Do you think you really know the actual frequency range of FR1 in 5G?

My friend: Hi Ibrahim, regarding the frequency range of FR1 in 5G ending with 6GHz, I want to …

Me (Interrupting him): Excuse me, FR1 is ending with what?

My friend: 6 GHz.

Me: But, this isn’t correct. As per 3GPP 38.101-1,2,3,4 and 38.104. the frequency range of FR1 in 5G starts from 410 MHz and ends with 7.125 GHz.

My friend: This is the first time I’m hearing this!!

Me: Yes, you are absolutely right. Most of the books, vendors document and essays over the internet which I read, all of it are mentioning that end frequency of FR1 is 6GHz.

My friend: But. Why did they neglect it?

Me: Actually, the band from 6 GHz till 7.125 GHZ is considered as unlicensed band which means MNOs don’t need to buy a license for it and it is already used by many other technologies such as WIFI and Bluetooth, so it maybe not used by MNOs for current deployment, also all the bands mentioned in 3GPP R15 end with max freq. set to 5.9 GHz.

However, in R16, unlicensed bands are mentioned, so this part of the band will be used hereinafter.

My friend: Thanks a lot. I got it now.

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