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What is mini-slot in 5G?

What is mini-slot in 5G?

My friend: Hi Ibrahim, I have a question for you.

Me: Please, go ahead.

My friend: While reading about the min. scheduling unit in 5G which is the slot, then …

Me (Interrupting him): Excuse me, what is the min scheduling unit in 5G?

My friend: It is the slot, right?

Me: No, the min. scheduling unit in 5G is called the mini-slot which is a new concept in 5G which was not available for 4G?

My Friend: So, what is mini-slot?

Me: It is the minimum scheduling unit used in 5G NR, it occupies 2, 4 or 7 OFDM symbols (regardless of numerology), so a user can be allocated a mini-slot which is less than the slot (14 symbols) and it is suitable for low latency communication. It enables what is called non-slot based scheduling that will have higher priority than normal eMBB user, so it can pre-empt other eMBB transmissions as it has requirements for lower latency.

My friend: Thanks a lot. You make it very simple.

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