SK Telecom 5G subscribers and 5G use cases

SK Telecom 5G subscribers and 5G use cases

South Korean operator SK Telecom has actually reached in February 2020, a total of 2.22 million 5G customers and 44.7 percent 5G market share in Korea. SK Telecom readily introduced its 5G service on 3 April 2019. SK Telecom also reports it has launched around 70 5G Clusters in crucial business areas and densely  populated locations throughout the country.

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3GPP delays 5G standard updates

Due to coronavirus, 3GPP delays 5G standard updates 

Although mobile association 3GPP finalized the preliminary 5G standard's release which is release 15, it left numerous crucial details unresolved pending future standardization meetings and votes. Currently 3GPP says it's delaying work on 5G standard because of the COVID-19 pandemic, decision which may impact 5G rollouts.

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5G iphone will be delayed

Apple considers delaying the 5G iPhone Launch to at Least December

Apple is preparing to possibly delay the launch of its first 5G iphones as the coronavirus pandemic endangers worldwide demand and also interrupts the firm's product development schedule. The firm has held internal conversations on the possibility of delaying the launch by months initially arranged for September three people familiar with the matter stated.

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5G belgium launch

Belgium: 5G licences to be attributed to 5 players

Belgian regulator (BIPT, Belgian Institute for Postal services and Telecommunications) announced five applicants for the temporary 5G licences available in band 3.6-3.8 GHz band. It proposes providing 40 MHz for each player Telenet, Proximus, Orange Belgium, Cegeka and Entropia. The awards will be confirmed in individual decisions following a public consultation on the plan, open for comment until 21 April.

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