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ZTE and Orange show the advantages of 5G in advanced automotive, robotics and entertainment applications

Orange, the second biggest mobile network operator in Spain and one of the leading telecoms worldwide, and ZTE, telecommunication equipment vendor and supplier, are showing a number of applications for the new 5G technology at the Global 5G event and the European conference on Networks and Communications (EuCNC) held on 20/05/2019.

1) Connected vehicle

The first test, #ConnectedVehicleCampus5G, shows a remote-driving application based on 5G modern technology. In it, ZTE worked together with Orange and also the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV).

In the test, a number of high-definition cameras are set up in a vehicle to get numerous HD images of the auto's environments and send them over the Orange 5G network to the remote driver in real time. The 5G network offers the ultra-low latency needed for the driver to efficiently control the vehicle whatever the obstacle he encounters.

2) Robot control

In the second test, # 5GRobotControl, ZTE and Orange demo one of the applications of 5G in the Industry 4.0: which is the industrial robotics, likewise established along with the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV). The integration of 5G wireless communication technology provides the required low latency to effectively control the robotic arms in real-time.

In this test, ZTE and Valencia Polytechnic university make use of a high-resolution cam that catches the motions of the human arm that controls the robot, these movements are recognized, and transformed into real commands that are immediately sent  to the robot over the Orange 5G network. Those movements are reproduced in real time by the robot without and latency thanks to 5G Network.

3) 3D Hologram

The 3rd project is an innovative experience made by both ZTE and Orange: # 3DHolograms. Site visitors will certainly be impressed at the hologram call with transmission of both voice and images in real time.

In this test, # 5GNews, Orange, ZTE as well as RTVE, together with UPV, broadcast a real-time show program using a High Definition camera connected to 5G. The web content is sent over the Internet from the Valencia conference Centre to RTVE's local news outlets in Toledo as well as Valencia.

4) VR/AR

Ultimately, #ExperienceLasFallas 5G utilizes 5G to enhance both virtual and augmented reality. In the Orange stand, site visitors can enjoy a live video clip recorded with a 4K 360-degree cam outside the Valencia conference Centre, using to Orange's 5G pilot network.

Furthermore, there will be a genuine 360-degree immersive experience of the Fallas, where visitors can feel to be part of one of the most preferred celebrations in Spain.


Through all those experiences briefly described right here, ZTE and Orange, EuCNC 2019 sponsors, will be the stars of the event, revealing ingenious projects that help Valencia take centre stage in the global 5G scenario. 

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German 5G

German 5G auction ends with 6.55 billion EUR in total bids 

Germany's Federal Network Agency stated that the 5G auction, which began in March 2019, finished with 6.55 billion EUR paied in total by the four bidders. Deutsche Telekom and also Vodafone Germany criticized the very high prices of the nation's auction.

Deutsche Telekom bids 2.18 billion EUR for 20x2 MHz in the 2100 MHz band and 90 MHz in the 3600 MHz band. Vodafone paid in the other hand 1.88 billion EUR getting in the 2100 MHz, 20x2 MHz for 806 million EUR and in the 3600 MHz band getting 90 MHz for 1 billion EUR. Telefonica bids 1.4 billion EUR for a total spectrum of 90 MHz, including 2 × 10 MHz in the 2.1 GHz band which was paied for 381.1 million EUR and also 70MHz in the 3600 MHz band for 1.04 billion EUR. The newcomer 1 & 1 Drillisch got 2 × 10 MHz in the 2100 MHz band as well as 50 MHz in the 3600 MHz band for 1.07 billion EUR. 

The coverage obligations for the winners include a mandatory requirement to supply speeds of a minimum of 100Mbps to a minimum of 98% of homes in each state by the end of 2022, along with all government highways, and the major roadways and trains. Additionally, each operator will certainly need to set up 1,000 5G base station by the end of 2022, in addition to 500 base terminals in "white area" unserved rural spots. For the newcomer 1&1 Drillish, no coverage requirement was applied.


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launch 5G

3UK will launch 5G plan in August with home broadband service

3 UK said that it will certainly launch its 5G solutions in August, starting with FWA solution in London.

Mobile and home broadband offerings over the 5G network will certainly after that expand to 25 towns and also cities across the UK before 2020.

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Banning chinese

Banning chinese vendors will cost europe's 5G $62 billons

Banning chinese will cost 55 billion euros ($ 62 billion) to the price of 5G networks in Europe and postpone the launch of this technology by around 18 months, according to a market evaluation seen by Reuters.

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5G orders

Nokia claims it has moved ahead of Huawei in 5G orders

Nokia has attracted increased interest in its next-generation telecoms equipment in recent weeks, helping it to move ahead of Chinese rival Huawei in total 5G orders, one of the Finnish company's directors said. 

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