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5G clients in South Korea reached 1.91 million

South Korea finishes July with 2 million 5G subscribers, adds 850,000 5G end users in August.

5G clients in South Korea reached 1.91 million at 31 July. It added 574,840 in July alone, Yonhap information firm reports, citing numbers released by the Ministry of Science as well as ICT. South Korea’s three mobile operators SK Telecom, KT and LG Uplus launched 5G mobile networks on 3 April. At end-July, SK Telecom attracted 45.4 percent of South Korea’s 5G customer , KT was following with 30.8 percent and LG Uplus with 23.8 percent, the Ministry stated.

South Korea’s 5G customer base expand by 500,000 for three consecutive months from May. 5G clients raise are approximated to have jumped to 850,000 in August, improved by the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 5G smart device on the regional market.

SK Telecom just recently revealed it had passed the landmark of 1 million 5G customers in the initial 140 days because the launch of its 5G network on 3 April. The firm’s 5G customers represent more than 3.5 percent of SK Telecom’s total customer base of 28 million


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