Docomo in Japan launches pre-5G services for Rugby World Cup

Japanese mobile operator NTT Docomo has launched a 'pre-5G' service to coincide with the Rugby World Cup in Japan. The company plans to test the service with customers before a full commercial launch of 5G services in spring 2020. It's using the slogan '5G Open' in marketing to underline the new opportunities the network will open up.

Docomo said the service uses the same frequencies and equipment as full 5G services. It's offering three supporting smartphones from Sony, Samsung and LG and a router developed by Sharp, as well as showing off its partnership with Magic Leap AR devices over the new network.

The pre-5G service can reach speeds of up to 3.2 Gbps download and 202 Mbps upload over mmWave bands and 2.4 Gbps/107 Mbps in sub-6 GHz frequencies. The main coverage areas will include stadiums used in the rugby tournament as well as Docomo shops, its 5G Open Lab, and major airports and train stations.

Docomo will be showing off 5G applications such as multi-angle viewing and press photo uploads at the rugby matches and for selected users outside the stadium. Additional VR applications are planned for demos at the Tokyo International Film Festival in November.


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