Telecom Italia starts using quantum computing on 4G and 5G networks 

Telecommunications Italia (TIM) stated it's the very first telecom operator in Europe to use the vast capacity of quantum computing to plan its future generation mobile networks which is 5G.

In a statement, TIM claimed it joined Canadian quantum computing business D-Wave to establish radio cell planning that ensures reliable, high performing mobile services. The partners optimized planning of radio cells within a QUBO (square unconstrained binary optimization) algorithmic version, performed on D-Wave's 2000Q quantum computer system.

TIM explained that the algorith of QUBO was utilized to plan 4.5 G and 5G network parameters and also performed the task 10 times faster than standard optimisation techniques.“Since computing speed is expected to improve further as quantum computer technology evolves, the ability to configure the network in real time is a key aspect in providing customers with better mobile services,” said the operator.

It also said that applying the QUBO algorithm to the planning of cell IDs-- which allow mobile phones to identify each radio cell-- serves to supply TIM clients with better VoLTE (Voice over LTE) service top quality when on the move. TIM will likewise be using the algorithm to accomplish real-time network configuration as part of the SON (self-organising network) 'closed circuit' it has actually already begun executing.

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