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Vodafone launch 5G network in half of the Netherlands, using its own 1800 MHz spectrum

Vodafone launch 5G network in half of the Netherlands, using its own 1800 MHz spectrum

Vodafone has actually launched its 5G network throughout fifty percent of the Netherlands, with complete coverage expected for end-July. All Vodafone customers with a suitable device and the right subscription will have the ability to utilize 5G in the coverage area.

While the country has actually not yet auctioned 5G spectrum, Vodafone said it has the ability to supply 5G on existing 1800 MHz spectrum bands, making it the first operator in the country  to launch  5G services.

By using  technology of Dynamic Spectrum Sharing, Vodafone can divide the existing 1800 MHz spectrum   between 5G and 4G. This will  enhance latency by 30 percent – from an average of 30 ms on 4G to an average of under 20 ms – and improve data speeds  by approximately 10 percent. This will be particularly noticeable when playing games or streaming videos.  Via spectrum sharing, appropriate devices can make use of the spectrum for both 4G and 5G.

Devices and suitable subscriptions

All existing and also new Vodafone consumers with a Red (consumer) or Red Pro (business) subscription can access 5G at no added price. These subscriptions will certainly be activated over the coming days, with 5G active within a week. Also Clients on start plans can use 5G services with an add-on of EUR 2.00 per month.

Vodafone is offering a variety of devices suitable for 5G, consisting of the Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 Ultra and Oppo Find X2 Pro. And  when using 5G, a 5G icon will appear on the device.

Auction and rollout of networks

Vodafone has already registered for auction in multiband which is scheduled to take place in the following months. The new 5G frequency bands 700 MHz, 3.5 GHz and 26 GHz will be available


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