German 5G auction passes EUR 5 bln in bids

The German Federal Network Agency said that EUR 5.06 billion was offered by the four bidders in the 170th round of the 5G spectrum auction. The bids for the 2.0 GHz band reached a total of EUR 2.06 billion and the bids for the 3.6 GHz band reached EUR 2.65 billion.

Deutsche Telekom placed total bids for up to EUR 1.9 billion for fourteen lots altogether in the two bands, and Vodafone has offered up to EUR 939 million for nine lots. 1&1 Drillisch bid up to EUR 1 billion in total and Telefonica up to EUR 857 million.

Bids for the 2 GHz frequency range totalled EUR 2.06 billion. Telefonica bid the highest amount of up to EUR 211.2 million for one particular block, followed by 1&1 with a bid of up to EUR 208 million. Telekom bid EUR 207.5 million for one block and Vodafone offered up to EUR 157.2 million.

In the 3.6 GHz frequency range, bids totaled EUR 2.65 billion. Telefonica offered the highest amount of up to EUR 109.4 million for one block, followed by Vodafone with up to EUR 106.4 million for one block. 1&1 bid up to EUR 104.8 million, and Deutsche Telekom bid up to EUR 96.3 million for one block.


source telecompaper

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