SK Telecom and Yonsei University have agreed to join hands to launch the nation's first digital hospital powered by a fifth-generation (5G) network, the mobile carrier announced.

The telecom firm said it signed an agreement with the Yonsei University Health System, to equip the hospital being built in Yongin, on the outskirts of Seoul, with a 5G-enabled network. The Yonsei University Health System has four hospitals across the country that treat 4 million outpatients and 1.15 million inpatients annually. The Yongin hospital is scheduled to open in 2020.

SK telecom firm said patient rooms will be equipped with the artificial intelligence (AI) smart speaker NUGU so that patients with physical difficulties can operate their beds, lighting and TV, and call for assistance using voice control.

Using a mobile augmented reality (AR) app, patients and their "caregivers" can easily find locations in the hospital. The firm will also develop a hologram program for patients in isolation wards, so that they can "virtually" meet with visitors.

SK Telecom is considering applying its quantum cryptography technology to ensure the security of medical information at every Yonsei hospital. The quantum cryptography technology encrypts transmitted data using quantum keys to prevent attacks from hackers.

A facial recognition system will also be used for doctors and other medical staff to enter key facilities of the hospital. The telecom firm said the system allows "contactless" entry for staff which will also help decrease the risk of infection.


(source: Korea Times )


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