3UK will launch 5G plan in August with home broadband service

3 UK said that it will certainly launch its 5G solutions in August, starting with FWA solution in London.

Mobile and home broadband offerings over the 5G network will certainly after that expand to 25 towns and also cities across the UK before 2020.

The announcement comes after a 5G FWA trial done in London using spectrum in C-band the 3.5Ghz. 3UK said it's been upgrading its network across the busiest areas of the UK, including London, Cardiff, Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool, as part of its 5G strategic plan and investment including also the cloud native 5G Core provided by Nokia.

The firm claimed its 5G services will offer much better speeds and also capacity than its competitors due to large bandwidth hold by the company in the C-band and also to investment in high-capacity smart antennas. At launch, the peak speeds will certainly reach at least 2x faster than other mobile network operators and will provide a more trustworthy connection and customer experience, the company stated.

The FWA solution dedicated for homes is expected to offer speeds comparable to fiber, with a 'plug and play' experience. Customers will certainly see the simplicity of connecting a router into the wall to be connected , without any extensive delay times or any long-term contract, according to the firm.

3 UK expects 5G network to cover 80 percent of its country within 3 years. The financial investment programme whithin strategic plan includes also upgrades to the 4G network, by releasing more 4G spectrum, transforming 3G spectrum to 4G  spectrum and improving spectral efficiency


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