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O2 shows car racing at Munich event through 5G

Telefonica Deutschland is demonstrating the opportunities of 5G technology with the ‘O2 5G Race Days’.

Via the general public O2 5G network, anyone will have the ability to control racing cars utilizing a 5G smart device in real time over a racetrack– anywhere across the globe as well as from anywhere 5G is available.

A 60-meter race course, six model cars and trucks as well as 6 Samsung smartphones are used for the presentation at the 5G Technology Lab of O2’s innovation hub Wayra in Munich. There, model racers of the start-up Vrombr are controlled by means of the 5G network for the first time worldwide.
As part of the O2 5G Race Days, cars race around the track, with the driver controlling the car remotely over a 5G link to his mobile phone. A linked camera makes the vehicle’s movement on the track which is visible in real time. Also, control commands of the car can be made, to stay clear of opposing vehicles, taking advantage of the fat reaction times with low latency of the 5G network.

Below the video of the O2 5G Race days

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