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5GWorldPro has been providing telecom trainings and certification to many companies and professionals Different 5G Trainings that can be provided either online or on site. Most comprehensive 5G course with 5G certification provided. Change your careers and have new Job opportunities by learning new 5G Skills & getting 5G Training Certifications.

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5G V2X Training

5G V2X Training

 This course introduces 5G V2X (Vehicle to Everything) and its relationship to various ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) standards. In so doing, V2X use- cases related to 3GPP and 5GAA are discussed. 5G V2X Training Created by 5GWORLDPRO Last updated...

5G and Satellites

This course about 5G and satellites or NTN is designed to introduce the main concepts behind 5G and satellite communications. We willfocus on the key components, 5G and satellite access architecture options and considerations. We will also provide Highlights...
5G Indoor

5G Indoor Radio Planning Training

The 5G indoor planning training focuses on indoor scenarios highlighting key points for deploying 5G indoor digital systems, providing details on planning 5G indoor distributed sites (DAS, IBS) , deployment modes and provide the design of the corresponding...

5G Private Network Training

This 5G course deeps dive into  5G Private Network, talking about the drivers, challenges and deployment models, we will also cover 5G private network  use cases, exploring scenarios scenarios such as 5G FWA, Industry 4.0, 5G Smart Mine, 5G Smart Port...

5G Core and 5G Slicing Training

The objective of the 5G Core and 5G Slicing course is to focus on the functionalities of the 5G core (5GC) network for the 5G Standalone, with deeping dive into 5G Network Slicing, which is an important feature and functionality of the 3GPP 5G System....

5G Open Ran Training

The objective of 5G Open RAN course is to provide both technical and Business overview of Open RAN and specifically O-RAN from the O-RAN Alliance. 5G Open Ran Training Created by 5GWORLDPRO Last updated 12/2022 71,908 students enrolled 4.7 (4,699 ratings)...

5G KPI, 5G Optimization and 5G Troubleshooting Training

In this 5G course, we will discuss about 5G key network performance and counters, 5G Practical call flow, practical 5G features, real world 5G optimization issues and solutions and we will finish by investigating and troubleshooting 5G Low throughput....

5G New Radio RF Planning Training

The 5G NR RF Planning course provides technical insights into radio network planning principles for 5G deployments in both the mid-band and mm-wave spectrum and dives directly into the 5G RF design and planning process and calculations with a focus on...
Slide for Business

5G Training for Business

From 5G Use case to 5G Business Case The mobile industry is preparing to embark on the transition to 5G technologies that will build on the achievements of 4G while also creating new opportunities for innovation andproduct offerings. 5G will usher in...
Slide advanced

5G New Radio Advanced Training

Deep Dive into 5G New Radio Technology. This 5G technical Training provides an in-depth description of 5G New Radio (NR) technology as defined by 3GPP standards and specification.Starting with a background on the 5G requirements, standardization landscape...
Slide For Everyone

5G Training for Everyone

This 5G non technical training which is the most complete and comprehensive 5G Training will allow you to have a very good understanding of all 5G technical concept in a very clarifiying way with a focus on Radio part NR, New 5G technologies and going...


Emerging technologies

Emerging technologies Training

The Emerging Technologies course establishes a general understanding of what emerging technologies are and may be in the future, providing an overview of the impact, applications, and implications of emerging technologies as a whole. We will be talking...
5G and MEC integration

5G and MEC integration

Multi Access Edge Computing (MEC) plays a crucial role as a key enabler for upcoming 5G-based services. This course provides a comprehensiveunderstanding of the synergy between these two technologies. Initially, itcovers the fundamental concepts, followed...
Deep Learning

Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning Training

 This course introduces 5G V2X (Vehicle to Everything) and its relationship to various ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) standards. In so doing, V2X use- cases related to 3GPP and 5GAA are discussed. Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning Training...

2G and 3G Sunset Training

 This course introduces 5G V2X (Vehicle to Everything) and its relationship to various ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) standards. In so doing, V2X use- cases related to 3GPP and 5GAA are discussed. 2G and 3G Sunset Training Created by 5GWORLDPRO Last...
5g foundation

5G Foundation Training

 The purpose of this 5G course is to enable the delegate to understand the 5G technology ecosystem along with certain key policy/regulatory elements of mobile communications. Exploring the key concepts of 5G and explore the end-to-end architecture that...

Deep dive into 5G RAN Sharing Training

The 5G business case is difficult to justify in many countries for several reasons. On the cost side, 5G spectrum can be expensive, with as much as 100MHz required to achieve optimal network performance. Deep dive into 5G RAN Sharing Training Created...
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Download 5G Interview Questions And answers

Buy Ebook 5G Interview Questions and Answers This 5G Interview questions and answers contains the main 5G informations that will help you advance your career and get your new job. You will find more than 270 questions and answers from different subjects...
5G PDU & 5G QoS

5G PDU & 5G QoS Training

 In 5G NR, QoS is enforcedat the QoS flow level. Each QoS  flow packets are classified and marked usingQoS Flow Identifier (QFI). The 5G QoS flows are mapped in the Access Network to DRBs (Data Radio Bearers) unlike in 4G where mapping is one to one between EPC and Radio...
IoT in 4G and 5G

IoT in 4G and 5G

 The 5G IoT course presents the overview of the Internet of Things in 4G and 5G. 5G Internet of things focuses on Machine- Type Communication (MTC) features which have been introduced in Release 16 and Release 17 of the 3GPP technical specifications in...
5G Security Training

5G Security Training

 The 5G Networks Security course is designed for anyone looking to get a quick and concise understanding of mobile networks security It starts by highlting end to end architecture and the area that need to be protected, focusing on the 5G security aspects....
5G Voice over


 The voice over 5G course will provide an explanation of how voice services are provided in a 5G network, using VoNR (Voice on the New Radio). The VoNR Training will cover topics like architecture specifications protocols, Call flows and a range of scenarios...

5G Massive Mimo Technical workshop

This live 5G technical workshop is practical and will help you deeply understand how 5G Massive mimo works from practical side and understand how exactly it could improve your network, with details about pairing capabilities, coverage, capacity assessment,...

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Product Technology Manager

5GWorldPro is providing excellent training services for Radio Engineers who want to understand and have a deep dive into 5G technologies. Training is quite [...]

Scoping Analyst

My recommendation for those who want to understand more about 5G … Mohamed Idrissi-5GWorldPro provides excellent training services for telecommunications engineers who want to [...]

RAN Design Engineer

This training is a great opportunity to have a solid base in this technology that is already present and future. It allows you to [...]

Radio Planning Engineer

I have completed the NR Advanced an RF Planning modules from 5GWorldPro. I found them really usefull to bridge the gap between 4G and [...]

Member Industrial Advisory Board

I attended 5G NR training that was very well researched and comprehensive. the content was organised and delivered very well. Overall it was a [...]

Engineer II, SAR Testing

I have finished both 5G NR Advanced and 5G NR RF planning training courses and I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to [...]

IS Senior Engineer

It was a very useful and informative training course about 5G Telecommunication systems, covering among others the Radio Access Interface, the core network systems, [...]

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5GWorldPro.com delivers also different types of training to cover all the generations of Wireless Cellular Communications i.e 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G.


Understand 5G commercial Capabilities & sales Strategy to increase revenue

2 hour live session with Ishtiaq Ahmed Telecom Marketing Professional with 19 years experience, the goal is to have clear concept about the 5G technology from commercial perspective & create the best product and services to monetize 5G.

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