5G Trainings with Certification provided

Two types of 5G Trainings that can be provided either online or on site. Change your careers and have new Job Opportunities by learning new 5G Skills & getting 5GWorldPro Certifications

5G For Everyone Training

For Company or Particular, this training is aimed for CTOs, Network Managers, Consultants or even graduates.This course provided by our expert in a very clarifying way, will allow you to have a very good understanding of all 5G technical concept in a very clarifiying way with a focus on Radio part NR, New 5G technologies and going through core part with details on IoT technologies and 5G use cases with current deployments.

5G For Business Training

This 5G Training is aimed for professionals and will look at use cases for 5G across different industry vertical segments allowing new business generation and innovation. Audience will become familiar with key telco business models and pricing strategies and will have knowledge of 5G sales strategy, service, product designing, implementation, execution, launch and Go To Market.

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5GWorldPro.com delivers also different types of training to cover all the generations of Wireless Cellular Communications i.e 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G.

Some Testimonials

  • The best 5G training course available nowadays! Great trainer, Great course, Great quality! and very comprehensive, The course provides a huge amount of knowledge for 5G research and standardization in a very understandable way. Perfectly structured and organized slides with the high quality of explanations. Highly recommend this course!
  • Good level of detail and industry examples of the technology and its usage. Trainer extremely knowledgeable with a great deal of experience in the field.”
    Telecom consultant, STC
  • The course content, quality, technical in-depth information and the flow are far better than the courses that i have attented in the past
    Software engineer, MTN
  • Excellent recorded Training with good price and very good quality, looking forward the next training


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