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Optimization of 5G Throughput

The 5G network brings unprecedented experience, including VR/AR services, Internet of Vehicles (IOV), online tourism, panoramic video, online shopping, online games, video conferencing, and smart wearables.

Compared with the 4G network, the 5G Throughput service has the following features and requirements:

  • Higher bandwidth and lower latency
  • The core network is moved downwards, and the edge data gateway is moved downwards to support user-oriented network slicing services.
  • Different network nodes can be flexibly scheduled based on different service requirements.
  • The bearer network has the shortest forwarding path and flexible scheduling capabilities.

5G Throughput performance is one of the most important indicators of user experience. If the data transmission performance deteriorates, you need to use a series of efficient optimization methods in a short period of time to quickly solve the problems so that the network performance indicators or user experience can be improved or maintained to a good level.

There are many factors that affect the throughput. How to obtain the satisfactory service rate and how to make the network operation more efficient are the key concerns of operators and equipment service providers. The throughput problem involves end-to-end processes. Therefore, the performance evaluation and analysis must consider the possible problems of at least each NE and interface, as shown in the following figure :

5G Throughput

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