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How does 5G Network slicing works

Network slicing is the key feature of the 5G networks & enables to build dedicated logical networks on a shared infrastructure.

5G network slicing represents a network architecture that allows the multiplexing of both independent and virtualized logical networks on the very same physical network infra. Each slice is an isolated end-to-end network tailored to satisfy varied requirements asked for by a particular application

The network slice can be tailored based on the specific requirements adhered to a Service Level Agreement (SLA) agreed between Network Slice Customer (NSC) & Network Slice Provider (NSP).

The Generic Network Slice Template (GST) is a set of attributes that can characterise a type of network slice/service. GST is generic and is not tied to any specific network deployment.

How UE assisted network slice selection works – An UE selects the network slice for low latency service & delivers the S-NSSAI list to CU-CP. The CU-CP can then select AMF based on the S-NSSAI.

If the UE does not provide S-NSSAI list during initial access, the CU-CP will select a default AMF. The AMF can select SMF based on S-NSSAI & load information while the SMF can select UPF based on S-NSSAI, location, & load information. CU-CP selects CU-UP based on S-NSSAI given by the AMF during PDU setup procedure.

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