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General principles of beam management in mmwave

General principles of beam management are in mmwave are as follow : P1: Beam Establishment (initial gNB beam acquisition) Beam sweeping is used to cover a...

Google : distributed cloud infrastructure for telcos

Google revealed a new suite of Distributed Cloud solutions targeting mainly telcos with an edge offering capable of running 5G network functions and enterprise...

5G Online Training Massive Discount with 5GWorldPro

We are providing several 5G Training packages for Technical and non Technical people with 5G certification provided and with massive discount. It is an opportunity...

What is 5G mMTC?

The 'full' 5G System includes: eMBB (enhanced Mobile Broadband) URLLC (Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communications) mMTC (massive Machine Type Communications). Massive Machine Type Communication (mMTC)...

Optimization of 5G Throughput

The 5G network brings unprecedented experience, including VR/AR services, Internet of Vehicles (IOV), online tourism, panoramic video, online shopping, online games, video conferencing, and...

Telefónica Strategy for Systems and Network Evolution

Main messages from Enrique Blanco Global CTIO of Telefónica about Telefónica Strategy for Systems and Network Evolution : - Completing coverage and capacity deployments of...

Functional Split: RU, CU and DU

In the 5G era, considering the trend of RAN virtualization, cloudization and centralization, and in order to reduce the fronthaul capacity and delay, the...

New Workgroup in O-RAN : WG10

O-RAN has formed a new workgroup with its workgroup number as “WG10” and workgroup name “Operation And Maintenance Work Group” or simply “OAM Work...

Softbank : 12 challenges for 6G

Following a press release done by softBank, you can find bellow the following 12 Challenges  for Beyond 5G  and 6G vision : (1) SLA vs....

What is CU and DU in 5G?

The 5G BTS named gNB can be divided into two physical entities named CU (Centralized Unit) and DU (Distributed Unit). CU provides support for the...


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