Thursday, June 30, 2022



O-RAN : 3GPP Vs O-RAN Alliance

O-RAN refers to the version of Open RAN  standardized by the O-RAN Alliance. Building upon the foundation set forth by 3GPP, O-RAN includes new...

5G RAN Sharing opportunities

5G NSA, as the name suggests, is a 5G service that does not ‘stand alone’ but is built over an existing 4G network , so...

Bouygues Telecom will launch 5G standalone in 2023 with Ericsson

  French operator Bouygues Telecom selected  Ericsson to deploy 5G SA (StandAlone) core infrastructure and bring to market 5G-powered private network offerings. This latest collaboration covers...

What is 5G Security ?

With 5G networks, billions of devices and IoT (the internet of things) are interconnectible — leading to use cases like smart cities, AR/VR on...

What is interface N26 in 5G?

N26 is an inter-CN interface between AMF and MME in order to enable interworking between the 5G core and EPC. Support of N26 interface...

What is 5G Open RAN ?

Open RAN involves the interoperability of open hardware, software and interfaces introducing advanced features and capabilities beyond the current standard centralized approaches to the RAN...

SoftBank will start Deployment of 5G MEC in Japan

SoftBank have announced that it has opened a 5G MEC site in the Kanto region and started the nationwide deployment of MEC servers in...

4 different types of SRB in 5G New Radio (NR)

SRB stands for Signaling Radio Bearer.”Signalling Radio Bearers” (SRBs) are defined as Radio Bearers (RBs) that are used only for the transmission of...

Special offer :5G Online Training with 5GWorldPro

We are providing several 5G Training packages for Technical and non Technical people with 5G certification provided and with massive discount valid until 12/06/2022. It...

X4000 Communications acquires 5G spectrum in regional Queensland, Australia

X4000 Communications, a Brisbane-based telco and a partner of 5GWorldpro, has secured 5G spectrum that covers remote and rural areas in Queensland. Two mmWave licences...



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