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Open RAN can reduce TCO by 30%

Many operators are now encouraged to replace their existing RAN with an Open RAN which is playing an increasingly important role in the evolution...

What are the types of Beamforming used in 5G?

There are 3 types of beamforming used in 5G : Analog beamforming uses the same signal is fed to each antenna and then analog...

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We are providing several 5G Training packages for Technical and non Technical people with 5G certification provided and with massive discount valid until 12/04/2022. It...

What is a 5G Telco Cloud ?

A 5G Telco Cloud is a software-based cloud infrastructure that enables a flexibility to place the 5G network functions/applications and divide the single infrastructure...

What are the frequency bands in 5G ?

The 5G spectrum resources defined in the 3GPP protocol can be divided into two frequency ranges, FR1 and FR2 : FR1 includes Sub6 Ghz...

What is difference between PCI in 4G LTE and PCI in 5G NR

Physical Cell ID (PCI) is one of the most important cell’s identifier in the wireless network of 4G and 5G system.It is PHY cell...

LTE vs NR: Reference signal design

5G NR has an ultra lean design, which minimizes always-on transmissions to enhance network energy  efficiency, reduce interference, and ensure forward compatibility. In contrast...

Motivation and Drivers for 6G

The NGMN Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) identify the key drivers for 6G and outline their vision for 6G and the future transition of networks...

How 5G DSS Works ?

When NR TDD spectrum is not yet available, spectrum sharing enables  pooling of radio resources in both UL and DL directions according to instant...

France provides spectrum in the 3.8 to 4.0 band to support industrial 5G

The French government and the telecom regulatory body, Arcep are inviting industrial players to submit applications for trial spectrum within the 3.8-4.0 GHz band,...


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