Friday, July 30, 2021



Etisalat has announced strategies to explore 6G

UAE telecommunications operator Etisalat has actually announced strategies to explore 6G which is the future generation of the mobile network. Haitham Abdulazzak, Etisalat's CTO confirmed in...

Functional Split Options in Open Ran

There are 8 options available as per 3GPP shown at the below snapshot, so you can split the gNB at different points in protocol...

6G : Samsung using Terahertz spectrum

Samsung Electronics is showcasing a demonstration made collaboration with the University of California in Santa Barbara (UCSB) about the application of Terahertz (THz) spectrum...

Netcracker : New RIC Player expanding Open Ran ecosystem

Last year In February 2020, NTT DoCoMo announced agreements related to 5G Open up Ran with Dell Technologies Japan, Fujitsu, Intel, Mavenir, NEC, NTT Data, Nvidia,...

More Open Ran sites to come for MTN Group in Africa

MTN Group will increase its footprint throughout Africa by launching an deploying more OpenRAN sites.  an innovative innovation that will certainly enable them to...

Disaggregation of BBU in an Open Ran Architecture

Since the earliest phases of 5G New Radio (NR), there’s been a push to disaggregate the BBU by breaking off functions beyond the Radio...

Functional Split: RU, CU and DU

In the 5G era, considering the trend of RAN virtualization, cloudization and centralization, and in order to reduce the fronthaul capacity and delay, the...

Dell wants to be a key partner to telcos for Open Ran Deployments

Dell is aiming to become a key partner for telcos as they execute their edge services strategies by offering a portfolio of technologies, industry...

Toward easing policies on EMF rules in Brussels

The local parliament in Brussels has actually taken a small step towards easing policies on radiation that might lead the way for the intro of 5G...

NR Physical Channels and Signals

Below more details about Downlink/Uplink  Physical Channel/Signal with their related Functions Downlink Physical Channel/Signal Functions SS Used for time-frequency synchronization and cell search. PBCH Carries system information to be...


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