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What is Multi-access edge computing (MEC) ?

Multi-access edge computing (MEC) is a concept proposed by ETSI It is a network architecture that provides services required by users and cloud computing functions...

What is difference in 5G between Fronthaul, Midhaul and Backhaul ?

In a 4G Distributed Radio Access Network (D-RAN) architecture, the BBU physically resides at the base of a macro cell tower. In a 4G Centralized/Cloud...

Functional Split Options in Open Ran

There are 8 options available as per 3GPP shown at the below snapshot, so you can split the gNB at different points in protocol...

What is 5G and why do we need it ?

What is 5G and why do we need it ? 5G is the 5G Generation of wireless technology that should provide wireless connectivity for everything. It...

DISH Selects Samsung for 5G Open RAN Deployment

From May 3 to 2022 Samsung has signed into a multi-year agreement to supply the equipment to Dish to build its forthcoming 5G network...

5G Virtualized RAN CU-DU split

Virtualization for communications service providers started with the core network and subsequently cloud modern technologies have been evolving at a fast rate. In the...

MEC Services in Bell in Canada using AWS

Bell announced the launch of its first edge computing multi-access (MEC) service that is powered by AWS Wavelength Canada. Based on the agreement Bell...

What is CBRS band ?

Citizen Broadband Radio System (CBRS) is the first spectrum within the 3 GHz band to be released by the FCC for commercial wireless nationwide service. The...

Nokia, Stc and MediaTec trials 5G SA in Mecca with 3CC

On 20/04/22, Nokia, stc and MediaTek,  announced that they had successfully trialed 3 carrier aggregate (3CC-CA), in a 5G Standalone SA network in Mecca....

What is PDU session in 5G?

What is the meaning of PDU Session in 5G? In 5G, we use a “PDU Session” to provide end-to-end user plane connectivity between the UE...

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