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What is CU and DU in 5G?

The 5G BTS named gNB can be divided into two physical entities named CU (Centralized Unit) and DU (Distributed Unit). CU provides support for the...

Vodafone launched first open RAN site in UK

Vodafone has launched the first 5G “open RAN” site in the UK, as the government and telecoms groups look for ways to boost competition after...

US Flights cancelled after 5G launch over C-band

Major airlines Emirates, JAL, and ANA, Have all announced they would be canceling some flights to the US as a result of potential 5G...

Beijing 2022 : World’s First 5G Express Launched

China has launched on January 2022 the world’s first high-speed train with 5G coverage that will be used during the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic...

Difference between Frequency Range, IBW and OBW in 5G (3.5Ghz band)

Difference between Frequency Range, IBW and OBW in 5G (3.5Ghz band) Frequency Range: It refers to bandwidth defined by the frequency range within which the Base...

STC with Rakuten and Ciscso deploys O-RAN infrastructure

In collaboration with Rakuten Symphony, and Cisco, STC has become one of the first operators in the MENA region to successfully deploy a carrier aggregation capable...

Open RAN Vendors Ecosystem

As the RAN ecosystem evolves, it becomes increasingly difficult to track the different vendor deployments and their individual product offerings. Below we summarize some of...

What is difference between Slicing and Qos ?

QoS differentiation can discriminate between different  types of traffic but cannot discriminate and differentially  treat the same type of traffic coming from different ...

Discount End 2021 :5G Online Training with 5GWorldPro

We are providing several 5G Training packages for Technical and non Technical people with 5G certification provided and with massive discount valid until 31/12/2022 It...

Optimization of 5G Throughput

The 5G network brings unprecedented experience, including VR/AR services, Internet of Vehicles (IOV), online tourism, panoramic video, online shopping, online games, video conferencing, and...

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