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5G Planning: Static Vs Dynamic Beams

In 5G Planning,  you need to know that Massive Mimo can generate both static and dynamic beams, check our article about benefits of massive...

5G deployment over the world

According to a GSA report, 38 countries had 5G networks since August as well as many more have had 5G mobile technology partly released . It is in...

Are vRAN and Open RAN the same concept or different?

My friend: Hi Ibrahim, I have a question for you. Me: Please, go ahead. My friend: I read about vRAN and Open RAN and still have some...

Difference Between 5G and 4G Massive MIMO in Network Planning

Broadcast channels: The 5G SSB beams are static beams and beam sweeping is performed in time-division mode. The  lobe distribution, azimuths, and digital...

Open Ran Massive Mimo is coming thanks to Mavenir & Xilinx

Mavenir and also Xilinx have actually worked together to deliver a joint 4G/5G Massive MIMO products for open RAN deployments. The initial O-RAN compliant mMIMO 64TRX item from...

What is Open Ran and what is the benefit ?

Open RAN, also called “disaggregated RAN”, is a fairly generic concept based on : Open interfaces, enabling multi-vendor RAN – as the main principle ...

Vodafone Germany commercialises 5G standalone in Europe

Vodafone Germany teamed with Ericsson, Qualcomm and also Oppo to commercialise its 5G standalone network in Europe, in what was claimed as a first for the area,...

5G Slicing Ecosystem and industry cooperation

-Network slicing requires collaboration between 3GPP standards and other networking organizations to work on common interfaces. This is fundamental to developing a system that...

Is network slicing possible on products developed using 3GPP Rel 15 ?

First of all Network slicing is the key feature of the 5G networks & enables to build dedicated logical networks on a shared infrastructure. And...

Difference between Frequency Range, IBW and OBW in 5G (3.5Ghz band)

Difference between Frequency Range, IBW and OBW in 5G (3.5Ghz band) Frequency Range: It refers to bandwidth defined by the frequency range within which the Base...

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