Wednesday, October 20, 2021



2G/ 3G Shutdown for operators

2G/3G shutdowns is driven by the fact that operators have limited spectrum available for expansion. In order to provide a faster, more responsive network...

Voice Over NR call flow

With the large scale 5G deployment, the voice over NR (VoNR) solution can be used. NR UEs can directly perform voice services on an...

World’s longest distance 5G SA call with Telstra and Ericsson

Australian operator Telstra, in collaboration with Ericsson, has announced the successful completion of ‘a 5G Standalone data call from a Telstra commercial mobile...

O-RAN : 3GPP Vs O-RAN Alliance

O-RAN refers to the version of Open RAN  standardized by the O-RAN Alliance. Building upon the foundation set forth by 3GPP, O-RAN includes new...

Nokia achieves first 5G carrier aggregation call in standalone architecture

Nokia and Taiwan Mobile (TWM) announced on 03/08/21 that it has attained the world's very first New Radio Carrier Aggregation (NR CA) by combining spectrum in the 700MHz (n28) and...

Rakuten to acquire Altiostar at $1 billion

Japan's Rakuten Group on Wednesday 04/08/2021 said it will acquire US-based open virtual radio access network (open vRAN) provider Altiostar Networks Inc., at a total valuation of Altiostar...

Is there specific Network functions & features required for 5G slicing support ?

First of all, network slicing provides a complete end-to-end virtual network for a given source. A Slice is a logical network based on Radio Access...

Singapore operator M1 has launched the real 5G Standalone network (SA)

On 27/07/2021, Singapore operator M1 has actually launched the real 5G Standalaone network (SA) with 50% coverage across the island. M1 originally introduced its 5G non-standalone...

Spain finally gets the 5G Low Band Layer : 700Mhz

The Spanish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation has finished the auction  of 5G-compatible frequencies in the 700 MHz band, raising a total...

5G Courses: Invest in yourself, invest in the future

Understanding 5G is where it begins for organizations that are ready to invest in the future. This is why 5G courses can provide invaluable information...


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