Tuesday, April 13, 2021



New 5G Open RAN Ecosystem created by NTT Docomo and 12 Comapnies

Japanese operator NTT Docomo has Consented with 12 companies, namely Dell Technologies Japan, Fujitsu, Intel, Mavenir, NEC, NTT Data, Nvidia, Qualcomm Technologies, Red Hat,...

5G NSA Mobility Management

In NSA mobility management several steps are followed once Ue goes from one SgNB (Secondary gNodeb) to another one, through the MeNB (Master eNodeb) ...

Surgeon in London performs remote operation on a banana

Surgeon in London are performing remote operation on a banana in California using 5G With the advent of 5G, new possibilities are coming for orthopedic...

Prerequisites for reaching the Peak 5G downlink Throughput (4T8R) :

In order to each the max peak 5G downlink single-user throughput for a 4T8R Ue, the below factors need to be gathered : Two...

Robot Covid 5G Project: Vodafone Spain works with Intel, Microsoft and IBM

Vodafone Spain has Joined forces with many companies such as Intel, Altran, Microsoft and Fivecomm to launch a project named Robot Covid 5G based...

Time to market between 5G and Wifi

For Mobile Communication Standards body we are having 3GPP, and for Wireless Computer system Data networking, it is IEEE 802.11. Wi-Fi Innovation and Network entered into the 3rd decade of...

European operators commit to Open RAN

Europe does not intend to get left behind when it concerns Open  RAN, with 4 of the continent's biggest operators today signing an MoU detailing their commitment to...

Are vRAN and Open RAN the same concept or different?

My friend: Hi Ibrahim, I have a question for you. Me: Please, go ahead. My friend: I read about vRAN and Open RAN and still have some...

ROI Analysis Model for Medium and Long Term 5G Planning

Building a ROI Analysis Model for Medium and Long Term 5G Planning In a ROI analysis model for medium and long term 5G planning built...

T-Mobile start shiffting from 4G to 5G FWA

T-Mobile has begun to move its fix Wireless service from 4G to 5G, a move that will  dramatically improve clients' speeds. a T-Mobile spokesperson said  : "T-Mobile Home Internet is...


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