Sunday, May 22, 2022


5G and 4G TDD synchronization

In TDD, the transmission is divided into time domain, means at one moment of time either « D » downlink subframe is transmitted or « U » for...

Unrivaled lightweight Massive MIMO

The 5G future is here which means more deployments, growing data traffic, and growth in subscriber numbers. The demands for performance on networks require the...

5G NR Interfaces: X2&Xn, S1&NG, F1&E1

5G NR Interfaces: X2&Xn, S1&NG, F1&E1  What are differences between X2 and Xn interfaces, S1 and NG interfaces, F1 and E1 interfaces ? In LTE networks,...

Vodafone plans to use open RAN in 30%of European networks by 2030

Vodafone recently launched the first open RAN 5G site, which is the first macro-open RAN site in the UK that uses low-cost hardware and...

SU-MIMO Vs MU-Mimo in 5G

Multi-User MIMO Simply, SU-MIMO is the same MIMO we know from LTE networks. It will provide multiple layers of communications to handset for increasing of...

What is interface N26 in 5G?

N26 is an inter-CN interface between AMF and MME in order to enable interworking between the 5G core and EPC. Support of N26 interface...

Audi brings 5G connectivity to its vehicles starting from 2024

Audi of America and Verizon are teaming up to bring 5G connectivity to the Audit of America’s lineup by 2024, ushering in a new...

What is MCG, SCG, PCell, SCell, PSCell in 5G NSA ?

The MCG and the SCG are concepts in dual connectivity (DC, Dual connectivity). It may be simply understood that the MCG is located in...

What is Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) in 5G?

DSS is a new technology to allow both 4G and 5G to share the same spectrum and this can make the 5G deployment faster as...

Apple will release low-cost 5G iPhone during March

Apple is planning to hold a product launch event on 9 March, and where they will introduce a new low-cost 5G iPhone as well...


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