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What is difference between Traditional site and Massive Mimo Site

Traditional site is composed from  BBU+RRU+antenna, while Massive Mimo site is composed from BBU + AAU architecture.

Massive MIMO adopts massive antenna arrays, significantly increasing the number of antenna channels. Antenna arrays and IF/RF modules are integrated into AAUs.

The number of transmit/receive antennas increases dramatically on the gNodeB side.

What is Antenna ?

It interfaces with cell phone wirelessly and transmits/receivers RF signals.

What is RRU ?

Remote radio unit (RRU) applies to distributed base stations and macro+distributed scenario, radio frequency unit (RFU) applies to macro base stations. They are used to transmit and receive baseband signals, modulate and demodulate RF signals, process data, and amplify the power of signals.

What is AAU ?

The Active Antenna Unit, consists of a radio unit (RU) and an antenna unit (AU). It is a new type of RF module developed following the RFU and RRU.

What is BBU ?

The BBU Manages the whole base station, including operating maintenance as will as signal processing.


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