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5G KPI, 5G Optimization and 5G Troubleshooting Training

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5GWorldPro has become the leader on providing 5G Trainings to particulars, service providers, operators, enterprises around the world and they have been recommended by many Professionals

In this 5G course, we will discuss about 5G key network performance and counters, 5G Practical call flow, practical 5G features, real world 5G optimization issues and solutions and we will finish by investigating and troubleshooting 5G Low throughput.

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In order for the attendant to fully understand the content of this topic and to gain a further insight into the 5G RAN design, it is also recommended to have prior attended following courses with 5GWorldPro

  • 5G New Radio Advanced Training
  • 5G New Radio RF Planning Training

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for RF engineers, optimization engineers, technicians and technical managers needing a solid foundation for understanding the principles of RF optimization and  require applicable skills in 5G optimization and 5G troubleshooting

Learning Path

  • 5G 3GPP update and 5G bands
  • 4G OFDM Vs 5G F-OFDM
  • Massive Mimo with SU/MU Mimo
  • 5G Beamforming procedures (Correlation, Weighting, implementation …)
  • Comparison between 5G FDD and 5G TDD
  • 5G KPI definition in SA and NSA
  • 5G Counters in NSA with call flow procedures
  • 5G NSA Mobility Management
  • 5G Attach procedure call flow with traces
  • Different use cases of 4G/5G Attach failed and call flow
  • 5G Mobility call flow in different use cases
  • Split Bearer in NSA Mode
  • 5G DSS with practical deployments and constraints
  • 5G Logo Icon / 5G upper layer indication
  • Feature optimization for high speed mobility in 5G (with DMRS, RACH, Hyper cell …)
  • SRB 3 activation in 5G
    1. 5G Coverage comparison and Optimization in NSA mode
    2. Anchor and Mobility optimisation cases
    3. SCG failure & NR Radio Timers optimization
    4. 5G Access common issues
    5. 5G Summary analysis process
    1. 5G NR Throughput Calculation
    2. Factors & Prequisites to reach max 5G Throughput
    3. Number of Grant and RB Troubleshooting
    4. Low MCS Troubleshooting
    5. High IBLER Troubleshooting
    6. Low rank Troubleshooting

You will receive 5G certification once the test is successfully  completed.

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