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5G NSA Mobility Management

In NSA mobility management several steps are followed once Ue goes from one SgNB (Secondary gNodeb) to another one, through the MeNB (Master eNodeb)

  1. First we have initial NSA access which is the same as LTE access.
  1. Then eNodeB delivers event B1 measurement configuration  for NR SgNB addition.
  2. After this  eNodeB chooses whether Option3 or Option3X is used. (Option 3x is the mostly preferred by operators)

Below reminder of the main important procedure during a mobility management:

  • SgNB addition: The eNodeB periodically adds an SgNB based on service volumes for a UE after an initial access, incoming handover, incoming reestablishment, or initial addition
  • SgNB change: where we have an intra-frequency handover between gNodeBs
  • SgNB release: The UE moves out of the gNodeB coverage area, event A2 is reported
  • MeNB handover without SgNB change: Intra-/inter-frequency handover within a gNodeB or between gNodeBs based on event A3 or event A4

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