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Nokia introduces on-demand network slicing for 5G users on Android 14  

Nokia recently unveiled a successful trial wherein Android 14 smartphone users can now conveniently purchase and activate network slices on demand from their respective operators. This advancement empowers users to enjoy enhanced services while gaming, streaming, and engaging in social media activities. Moreover, it enables operators to monetize 5G slicing services by offering premium network slices that can be acquired in specific areas.

The trial took place at Nokia’s network slicing development center in Tampere, Finland utilizing Nokia’s end-to-end slicing product portfolio, including its IMPACT entitlement and policy control servers and UE Route Selection Policy (URSP) technology implemented in Android 14.

The standard-compliant IMPACT entitlement server verifies the network slice service availability, promotes service packages for the end user, and sends purchased service options to the operator Business Support System (BSS), which activates the selected dynamic network slice policy for the user using URSP.

The trial included slice interworking functionality between 4G and 5G, as well as dynamic radio resource allocation for different slices. The new capabilities improve service for customers by allowing network slices to be tailored to support specific use cases and different kinds of application based on network performance, quality, traffic routing, latency and security. On-demand slices can also be enabled in the base stations serving concert arena, for example.

Nokia has carried out several live network deployments and trials with its global customer base including first-in-the-market slicing solutions such as network slicing for 5G Virtual Private Networks, Fixed Wireless Access slicing, Edge Slicing, Slicing for Applications, and Sliced Private Wireless as well as Slice Management Automation, Assurance and Orchestration.

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