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Nokia achieves first 5G carrier aggregation call in standalone architecture

Nokia and Taiwan Mobile (TWM) announced on 03/08/21 that it has attained the world’s very first New Radio Carrier Aggregation (NR CA) by combining spectrum in the 700MHz (n28) and 3500MHz (n78) bands.

The trial, which occured in a 5G standalone (SA) network , allows TWM to deliver market-leading 5G experiences to its clients with improved connectivity and capability.

Carrier Aggregation combines frequency bands for higher rates and increased coverage, delivering superior network capacity and maximizing the spectral efficiency of 5G networks.

The trial was performed with Nokia’s AirScale 5G Standalone architecture in TWM’s commercial 5G network by using two spectrum bands, FDD band in 700MHz (n28) TDD band in 3500MHz (n78), which are commonly adopted in 5G networks worldwide.  The combination of these bands offers improved capability coverage supporting a range of 5G deployment scenarios, including indoor and enhanced outdoor coverage.

Nokia is TWM’s single 5G equipement supplier covering 5G RAN, 5G Core and also 5G IMS including with its newest AirScale Radio Access products.

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