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Rakuten to acquire Altiostar at $1 billion

Japan’s Rakuten Group on Wednesday 04/08/2021 said it will acquire US-based open virtual radio access network (open vRAN) provider Altiostar Networks Inc., at a total valuation of Altiostar of over $1 billion having as an objective to accelerate the global deployment of open, cloud-native and interoperable network infrastructure.

Rakuten Group CEO, Mickey Mikitani said : “We’re delighted to welcome the Altiostar team to the Rakuten family as we share a common passion for empowering mobile networks through disruptive innovation, offering mobile operators around the world secure, cost-effective and highly agile technology.”


Altiostar is currently 4G and 5G Open vRAN solutions to global telcos allowing them to shift to webscale cloud-native mobile networks, it is offering its suite of Open vRAN network functions on Rakuten’s fully virtualized, cloud-native platform, the Rakuten Communications Platform.

Altiostar Networks CEO, Ashraf Dahod said “Becoming a Rakuten Group company will allow us to build on our foundation and accelerate our technology development to help operators to innovate, explore new business models and bring affordable broadband to the masses through web-scale mobile networks,” added

Altiostar company works with Airtel in India, Dish in the United States, and Telefonica in Europe and Latam, It also has key partnerships with global companies including RCP, Cisco, VMware, Dell, Fujitsu, IBM/Red Hat, Intel, NEC, Qualcomm, Sterlite, Tech Mahindra, Facebook Connectivity, among others.

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