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Verizon Demonstrates 5G Network Slicing on commercial 5G core

Verizon successfully conducted a field demonstration of its network slicing capabilities in a commercial 5G environment. Network slicing facilitates the creation of multiple virtual networks on a shared physical network and allows operators to offer parts of the same network to different customers based on their use cases. Each network slice is individually configured with its own security measures and latency settings, customized to meet the dynamic requirements of various types of applications.

By harnessing cloud-native virtualized applications on the 5G standalone core, integrated with AI and ML technologies, operators can efficiently allocate network resources. Network slicing allows for effective resource utilization, cost reduction, and improved operational efficiency. During the recent test, Verizon utilized a commercial 5G smartphone alongside a combination of virtualized and non-virtualized RAN equipment, as well as their 5G standalone core.

This comprehensive trial thoroughly assessed end-to-end data transmission capabilities on a virtual network slice, validating the optimal functionality of various components, including the device chipset, operating system, applications, radio network base station, and the network core.

Verizon’s cloud-based virtualized standalone core will be available for 5G network scaling compatible devices. This deployment will bring remarkable enhancements to network performance, and ensure unprecedented levels of service agility, flexibility and automated scalability.

Verizon is witnessing significant 5G adoption and fixed wireless broadband momentum. The telecom giant plans to accelerate the availability of its 5G Ultra-Wideband network nationwide. The company’s growth strategy includes 5G mobility, nationwide broadband and mobile edge compute and business solutions.

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