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5G Slicing Ecosystem and industry cooperation

-Network slicing requires collaboration between 3GPP standards and other networking organizations to work on common interfaces. This is fundamental to developing a system that is interoperable between providers, that can be built and operated using multi-vendor technology.

-Network slicing also needs industries collaboration outside the standards process. This is critical to ensuring standardized components work together in reality, as well as in theory.

-Operators need to develop industry ecosystems or partnerships with enterprises that not only share the risk, but enable the early co-design of dedicated network requirements that ultimately will help to guarantee success for all parties.

  • Slicing in RAN :

-RAN Slicing is still in an early stage in standardization with several open questions:

    • How accurately map Tenant SLA to QoS profile?
    • How accurately configure/adjust network slice resource per Tenant SLA?
    • What are the RAN mechanisms that allow a differentiated management of slices?
    • how RAN infrastructure functions and resources, including radio spectrum and associated transport and virtualized functions, are orchestrated and configured?

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