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Verizon working with Zyter to use 5G in stadiums

Verizon Business announced it is working with Zyter, a Digital health and IoT-enablement platform, to help enhance sports and entertainment site operations. Zyter’s ThermalAlert thermal imaging system can automatically track fans’ temperatures as they walk to a place.

Paired with the high bandwidth, low latency and computing power of Verizon’s 5G network along with edge services, the process can be streamlined to faster entry, fewer choke points and less congestion in comparison to other manual products using in-person, handheld temperature scanners.

“Verizon’s secure, reliable, low-latency 5G network means we can now deliver large-scale, latency-sensitive applications like ThermalAlert at the edge for the first time,” said Sanjay Govil, founder and CEO of Zyter, Inc. “This opens up many new possibilities for innovative, real-time experiences at sub-millisecond speeds.”

Zyter ThermalAlert delivers continuous, non-contact Temperature monitoring. Faster than manual manual temperature scanning, Zyter ThermalAlert is measuring the human body temperature (between 86 — 113 degrees Fahrenheit) of up to six people concurrently inside the temperature detection zone from a distance of around  20 ft, which could help minimise long lines and wait times for place access.

The Zyter ThermalAlert platform sends intelligent alarms instantly to handheld devices and tracks at the entry if an elevated temperatures is detected. If one or more individuals are identified with the machine they may be fast and respectfully redirected by security personnel to get a manual screening.

The two companies recently implemented Zyter ThermalAlert at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, one of Verizon’s 25 5G stadiums, to screen employees and staff.

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