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What is Multi-access edge computing (MEC) ?

Multi-access edge computing (MEC) is a concept proposed by ETSI

It is a network architecture that provides services required by users and cloud computing functions at the network edge closer to end users, compared with a data center (DC).

With MEC, applications, content, and some service processing and resource scheduling functions of the MBB core network are deployed at the network edge close to end users, so Mec delivers a reliable and ultimate service experience through service processing at the location close to users and collaboration between applications, content, and networks.

1- Multi-Access 

Multi-access: MEC was previously named mobile edge computing. Later the ETSI MEC group replaced “mobile” with “multi-access.” When a telecom network evolves to 5G, it supports multiple access technologies and is able to manage them in a unified manner. The “multi-access” feature enables an MEC system to deliver a consistent experience to subscribers connecting through any access technologies.

2- Edge

Edge: Network functions and applications are moved from the center to the edge, delivering ultra-low latency. For example, if both Tencentservers and carriers’ core network gateways are placed close to your home, traffic can be locally processed without considering the traffic volume and time for processing.

3- Computing

Computing: The computing capabilities of a network are distributed to the edge. Such capabilities include video codec, VR/AR rendering, video analysis, and AI.

A typical application is video surveillance for security protection and vehicle number plate recognition. Backhauling surveillance video consumes a great amount of bandwidth, but most of the video is static or of no value. MEC makes it possible to analyze video streams locally, dynamically encode and decode data, and backhaul only the meaningful images. Use of MEC in this scenario greatly reduces bandwidth consumption.

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