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KPN Tests 5G Edge computing Technology for Logistics

KPN successfully tested cutting-edge 5G technology in collaboration with logistics provider KLG Europe, integrating mobile network capabilities with edge computing. By deploying local 5G gateways at customer sites, KPN’s 5G network operates partially on-site, ensuring reliability, low latency, and data security.

As businesses increasingly rely on mobile networks for operations, the demand for more than just speed grows. With the installation of a local 5G gateway, all mobile data generated by the AGVs is directly routed to the AGV server on-site.

This optimization has drastically reduced response times (latency) to a mere 4 milliseconds, achieving near real-time performance compared to the previous average of around 21 milliseconds. This not only enhances operational precision but also ensures that all processed data remains within the organization’s premises, meeting the preferences of many businesses regarding data sovereignty and control.

This not only enhances operational precision but also ensures that data remains within the organization’s control.

Since its introduction in 2020, KPN’s 5G network has become available nationwide in the Netherlands, consistently recognized as the top 5G network in the country. Looking ahead, the introduction of the 3.5 GHz frequency in 2024 will enable KPN to gradually roll out ‘standalone 5G’ capabilities. Additionally, KPN plans to commercially offer the local 5G gateway to customers this year as part of its new KPN Campus portfolio.

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