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How operators will make ROI on 5G investments ?

5G slicing is a key opportunity for operators to be able to make a good RoI on their 5G capital investments.

Eighteen months on from the launch of the very first established 5G networks, operators around the globe are starting to look at recovering some of the immense investments they have made into their next generation mobile networks.

5G has actually opened up a whole variety of new revenue opportunities for telcos worldwide, however the large number of these opportunities will only be possible once the operators will make the shift to full standalone 5G.

The main functionality operators are relying on is network slicing which permits telcos to customize their offering, offering bespoke services to customer and business clients like never ever before

Ajay Gautam, Strategic Product Manager for 5G RAN at Ericsson. said “5G network slicing gives opearators the ability to serve a multitude of use cases with lightning-fast connectivity and enhanced performance. Service providers around the world are moving towards 5G network slicing, where slices of virtual networks are allocated to the meet connectivity demands of different use cases. Network slicing will facilitate service differentiation and will secure the necessary capacity and performance during high load to fulfill service-level agreements (SLA).”

One such method for operators to explore is the online gaming. Ericsson recently commissioned a study which found that 90% of online gamers had regular negative experiences with network lagging during play.
Different video game categories have different data rates, latency as well as reliability needs on mobile networks. This is an area where provider can offer customized slices for cloud pc gaming or any kind of AR/VR application. The slicing structure can schedule dedicated resources by orchestrating these throughout the radio, transportation as well as core networks

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