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5G Training For Business (With certification)






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From 5G Use case to 5G Business Case

The mobile industry is preparing to embark on the transition to 5G technologies that will build on the achievements of 4G while also creating new opportunities for innovation and
product offerings.

5G will usher in a new era that will see connectivity become increasingly
fluid and flexible. On this 5G for Business training, participants will learn about the 5G technology (nontechnical), concepts associated with 5G, discover the key differences between 5G previous generations of mobile technology.

Many 5G use cases will be detailed from different vertical industries, Industry 4.0, Health and impact on Covid 19 and automotive industry.

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

This training is aimed for CTOs, CEOs, Directors, Senior managers of Telco’s, entreprises, verticals or regulators.

Learning Path

  • What is 5G ?
  • 5G promises
  • 5G use case families: eMBB, URLLC, mMTC
  • 3GPP position with 5G
  • Services and requirements for vertical sector
  • 5G segments and categories
  • 5G Value proposition
  • 5G new Business Models
  • How to monetize 5G
  • Options available for operators to Monetize 5G
  • 5G requirements and specifications
  • Multi service connectivity
  • 5G Applications market potential
  • Connected and Real time entreprise with 5G
  • Detail of 5G use cases
  • 5G frequencies for vertical use cases
  • How 5G will help entreprises
  • 5G Opportunities
  • How Coo innovation can be effective
  • 5G Automotive Association
  • 5G Alliance for Connected Industries and Automation
  • 5G Use case For Industry 4.0
  • 5G Use case for Health Focus on Covid 19
  • 5G Use case for Automotive industry
  • 5G for enterprises
  • 5G market updates
  • 5G operators with spectrum C-band and mmwave
  • 5G device update
  • 5G spectrum auction procedure
  • 5G EMF update (Electromagnetic field)
  • Understanding Mobile Edge Computing
  • Key drivers stimulating demand of MEC
  • Different players involved in MEC
  • Relationships between edge computing and AI/5G/IoT
  • MEC Industry use cases
  • Types of satellites and NTN
  • What is new between Satellite and 5G
  • Using Satellite with smartphones thanks to 5G
  • 3GPP progress with 5G, Satellite & NTN

You will receive 5G certification once the test is successfully  completed.

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