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DISH Selects Samsung for 5G Open RAN Deployment

From May 3 to 2022 Samsung has signed into a multi-year agreement to supply the equipment to Dish to build its forthcoming 5G network in the United States, one of the largest radio contracts signed by Samsung  since its significant Verizon agreement in the year 2020.

In the multi-year contract, both companies will work together in the deployment of Samsung’s 5G RAN solutions that include vRAN software as well as an array of O-RAN-compliant radios, such as Massive MIMO radios, across the U.S., supporting DISH’s 5G commercial services.

The Samsung radios also will support the entire DISH Frequency Division Duplex (FDD) and Time Division Duplex (TDD) spectrum bands (including N71, n29, N66, n70, n48 and N77)

“Samsung is excited to join this 5G journey with DISH, a pioneer in bringing new experiences to households and businesses around the country, leveraging openness and virtualization that sit at the heart of network evolution,” said Mark Louison, executive vice president and head of the Networks Business, Samsung Electronics America. “Our advanced 5G vRAN and radio solutions bring telco-grade quality and cloud-based agility together, building on these benefits to enable more customers to experience the full value of commercial 5G Open RAN.”

Samsung has established itself as a challenger to the top telecoms equipment providers Nokia and Ericsson in the US by winning a $6.6 billion contract with Verizon and the deal with Dish strengthens Samsung’s position.

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