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5G Executive Training program, 5 days Live virtual

For enterprise only


The 5G Exeecutive Training program is a 5 days Live Training targeted for directors and CxO and aimed at professionals wishing to have an executive view on those technologies, on their use cases and future developments (Cloud, virtualization of mobile networks, NFV / SDN , C-RAN…) as well as in mobile spectrum valuation, Network cost modelling and more…


Chapter 1 : Principles of 5G networks

4G Evolution

Introduction to 5G Networks

5G Spectrum and Frequency Bands

5G New technologies : Massive Mimo, Beamforming, DSS

3GPP position with 5G

5G Electromagnetic field

5G market updates

Chapter 2 :5G Network Architecture and  Implementation

Interface Radio NR

Architecture of 5G Access Networks

5G core network architecture

5G Network Slicing & Use cases

5G Planning  & Dimensionning

5G Practical Coverage Vs 4G

Chapter 3 : 5G IoT and application

Definition of IoT networks

IoT technologies : Nb-IoT, LTE-M, and Lora

IoT plateform and IoT architecture

Description of IoT use cases

Evolution of IoT technologies to 5G


Chapter 4 : Network cost moeling : Gbyte Cost and minute costs

Calculation methodology

Gbytes cost for operator IN €/GB

Minute cost for operator cts €/min

Benchmark between different operators in the world



Chapter 5 : Valorization of 5G Spectrum

Spectrum auction

Spectrum valuation

Cost / benefit analysis of spectrum attribution scenarios

Calculation of the bottom-up spectrum value

Real practical use case


Chapter 7 : 5G Use Cases and Business Model


5G Business Models and Monetization

Coo innovation between verticals

5G Use case For Industry 4.0

5G Use case for  Health Focus on Covid 19

5G Use case for Automotive industry

5G for enterprises

Combining 5G Technology with Artificial Intelligence


Chapter 8 : 5G evolution and Beyond

5G Open RAN and applications

Mobile Edge computing and 5G

5G and Satellite

Road to 6G

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