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Cloud, SDN and NFV

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Deep dive into CLOUD, SDN AND NFV




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The course discusses different approaches for virtualization, how they can be used to model and deploy network and service functions in cloud computing environments as well as Network Function Virtualization and the environment and tools (such as OpenStack) for monitoring and managing such functions.

This course also describes the basic concepts of Software Defined Networks and the market drivers for these emerging technologies, The course looks at the different emerging flavours of Software Defined Networks. In addition, the course discusses the various flavors of north and southbound interfaces (their data models and protocols).

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for technical and non technical engineers, manager and directors  

Learning Path

  • Virtualization Overview and concept
  • Cloud Introduction
  • Essential cloud characteristics
  • Service models
  • Cloud Services
  • Cloud Services Specifications
  • The Telco/IT Cloud
  • Cloud Models: IaSS, Pass, SaSS
  • Public cloud vs Private cloud
  • Cloud management system
  • Position of open stack in cloud space
  • Cloud service providers
  • Overview of GCP, Azure & AWS Cloud Systems
  • Cloudification of the core network
  • Capacity planning of the cloud rack
  • The RAN Dilemma
  • Cloudification of RAN & CNF in 5G
  • Telco cloud infrastructure
  • Open stack components
  • Node types, controller, compute
  • Connectivity in datacenters
  • Lab infrastruture and connectivity
  • Building open stack lab on GCP
  • Exploring commands in Open Stack
  • NFV Overview
  • Hardware virtualization
  • Network management
  • Network virtualization
  • NFV Layered architecture
  • NFV framework – VNF, EMS, NFVI,OSS
  • Management and orchestration (MANO)
  • Element Management
  • Distributed NFV infrastructure
  • Relationship to SDN
  • SDN Introduction
  • Pre-SDN Solutions
  • SDN drivers
  • Network Topology
  • SDN Frameworks & Architectures
  • SDN Concepts
  • SDN Architectural Component – App, controller, Data path
  • SDN Computing Platforms
  • SDN Controllers
  • SDN NFV Interworking
  • Cloud native overview and principles
  • Evolution and lead up
  • Cloud native Ecosystem
  • CI/CD Overview and benefits
  • CNCF Overview
  • Benefits of Microservices
  • Scope of Microservices
  • Microservices for industry verticals and enterprises
  • Examples of Microservices

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