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Cloud, SDN and NFV

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This course includes:

Learning Path

1. Satellite myths versus truths
2. Definition of Non Terrestrial Network
3. NTN categories
4. NTN Backhaul and Connectivity
5. Evolution from NTN to 5G NTN
6. 5G Satellite Use Cases and challenges

7. 5G NTN at 3GPP
8. 3GPP NTN Work : RAN, SA & CORE
9. Focus on NTN Release 15
10. Focus on NTN Release 16
11. Focus on NTN Release 17
12. Focus on NTN Release 18
13. NR NTN enhancements for Rel-18/Rel-19

1. Satellite Spectrum Allocation
2. L-band, S-band, C-band
3. Ku/Ka bands, Q/V bands
4. Co-existence, 5G and NTN band
5. Commercial satellite constellations
6. Starlink Space X, OneWeb,
7. Amazon Kuiper, Lightspeed Telesat
8. Benefits and dangers of satellite constellations

1. 5G NTN System architecture
2. Transparent NTN NG-RAN architecture
3. Regenerative NTN NG-RAN architecture
4. Inter-satellite link (ISL)
5. 5G NTN quality of service
6. Ephemeris parameters
7. Beam footprints and phased arrays

  • 1. NTN channel modeling
    2. NTN Propagation delay
    3. Doppler Shift
    4. Rain Attenuation, Atmospheric Absoption & Scintillation
    5. Large scale fading effect
    6. NTN Link Budget
    7. Beamforming and NTN advantages

1. 5G protocol stacks & channels
2. NTN NR PHY/MAC-layer challenges
3. Modification of protocol stacks for 5G NTN
4. HARQ Solutions for NTN
5. UL Synchronization in NTN
6. Satellite mobility in NTN

1. Internet of Things in 5G
2. Use cases of IoT over NTN
3. 3GPP Work on NTN IoT
4. IoT Architecture Supported by NTN
5. NTN IoT challenges


The Cloud SDN and NFV course discusses different approaches for virtualization, how they can be used to model and deploy network and service functions in cloud computing environments as well as Network Function Virtualization and the environment and tools (such as OpenStack) for monitoring and managing such functions.

This Cloud SDN and NFV Training also describes the basic concepts of Software Defined Networks and the market drivers for these emerging technologies, The course looks at the different emerging flavours of Software Defined Networks. In addition, the NFV and SDN course discusses the various flavors of north and southbound interfaces (their data models and protocols).

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for technical and non technical engineers, manager and directors  


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My recommendation for those who want to understand more about 5G … Mohamed Idrissi-5GWorldPro provides excellent training services for telecommunications engineers who want to [...]

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It was a very useful and informative training course about 5G Telecommunication systems, covering among others the Radio Access Interface, the core network systems, [...]

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