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What is the difference between Virtualization and Cloud computing

What is Virtualization?

Virtualization is the process to create computer-generated replicas of servers, applications as well as data centres and other kinds of hardware that function just like the real thing by using software. Virtualization software utilizes a thin layer of program known as”hypervisor. “hypervisor,” which enables the use of a single computer to host multiple virtual machine (VMs).

Virtual machines (VMs) are software containers which run their own operating system and function as computers that are standalone, but only making use of a small fraction of the hardware. To ensure that hardware is used efficiently the hypervisor assigns processing power for each VM according to the requirements.

Virtualization technology allows businesses to make use of a cloud-like model for delivery to enhance internal workflows, protection, as well as the performance of their own infrastructure. Businesses can also use virtualization to provide various services to their customers through making their infrastructure, software platforms, and infrastructure.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing refers to the distribution of computer services like servers storage, networking, and intelligence through the Internet or cloud. Cloud computing permits data to be saved and server processing remotely anywhere around the world. It is possible to establish a fully functioning data center at a different area that is completely accessible through the Internet.

The providers use management software to automatize repetitive processes and control the security of data, information storage capacity, computing power required to transmit information between mobile devices and cloud services via mobile or URLs.

The following table highlights the major points that differentiate Cloud Computing and Virtualization :

Cloud Computing Virtualization
Cloud computing refers to the distribution of computer services such as servers, storage, networking, and intelligence via the Internet, or the cloud. Virtualization is a technology that lets you use a single physical hardware system to create many virtual environments or dedicated resources.
Deliver a range of resources to users in groups for a variety of objectives. Packaged resources are delivered to specified consumers for a specific purpose.
Scalable to a large extent Low-scalability
Cloud computing entails the use of several machines in the event of a disaster recovery It is reliant on a single peripheral.
Cloud computing has a greater total cost than virtualization. Virtualization has a lower total cost than virtualization.
Many pieces of specialized hardware are required. While a single dedicated piece of hardware can perform admirably.

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