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Toward easing policies on EMF rules in Brussels

The local parliament in Brussels has actually taken a small step towards easing policies on radiation that might lead the way for the intro of 5G solutions in Brissels.
It is good news for both mobile operators seeking to roll out 5G and the consumers of the 5G technology in the region

The actual and existing restriction in the area is set to 6 V/m while the new recommendation will be at 14.5 volts per meter this would enable the development of 5G.
The board also suggests the establishment of an independent monitoring body– partly-financed by the telcos– to map the effects of radiation on health.
It’s of course still fairly restrictive announcement, with Belgium looking to auction off 5G licences in spring 2022. The Brussels parliament now has six months to analyze the propositions and also take a decision for the next actions.
As it stands, 5G services are limited in Belgium, with incumbent Proximus having launched services in certain markets in which radiation limits are higher than in the Brussels region. But, the full 5G rollouts will have to wait until after next year’s multi-band spectrum sale.
With the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommending a maximum exposure of 41.2 V/m,  and Belgium’s Flanders region putting its own limit at 20 V/m, it’s pretty clear that the capital’s current rules are some way outside the norm.

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