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New Workgroup in O-RAN : WG10

O-RAN has formed a new workgroup with its workgroup number as “WG10” and workgroup name “Operation And Maintenance Work Group” or simply “OAM Work Group”.

Work Group 10 has full responsibility for the O1 interface OAM specifications for O-RAN, including unified O1 interface operation and notification, and for creating a detailed OAM architecture and requirements consistent with the overall OAM architecture described in the WG1 O-RAN Architecture document. This includes a set of information models/data models for O-RAN.


Work Group 10 objectives will include:

  • Develop O-RAN O1 OAM Information and data models, using industry developed baselines where available, and adding further material as needed by O-RAN’s architecture and interfaces
  • Develop O1 interface specifications to O-RAN elements consistent with the principles outlined in O-RAN whitepaper and elaborated in Architecture Description Document.
  • Develop a detailed OAM architecture consistent with the Architecture Description Document, including key management interfaces and deployment options: Develop the role of the O1 interface in Control and Management loops of O-RAN architecture, in conjunction with other Work Groups
  • Provide coordinated definition and collection of O1 KPIs and PM, FM across all WGs

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