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5G V2X (Vehicle to Everything) and its relationship to various ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) standards. In so doing, V2X use- cases related to 3GPP and 5GAA are discussed.

5G V2X Training

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5G V2X
This course includes:

Learning Path

• 3GPP update and 5G capabilities
• 5G End to End architecture
• Main principles of 5G Core network transformation (CUPS, SBA …)
• 5G SBA Network function
• Network function to be used in V2X

• V2X Motivation
• 5G V2X opportunity
• V2X Terminology.
• V2X ecosystem
• V2X technologies (DSRC, C-V2X)
• ITS architecture

• Comparison between LTE-V2X and D2D
4G and 5G V2X Architecture
• 4G and 5G V2X Interfaces
• Interaction of 5G Network functions with V2X.
• 5G V2X RSU (Road Side Units).
• Multicast Broadcast Service Architecture

• NR V2X Registration Procedure
• 5G QoS and Qos Flow
• 5G V2X QoS.
• 5G V2X PDU Session Establishment Procedure
• VAE Procedures and Services.

• Identifying PC5 Configuration
• ITS Sidelink Frequency Bands
• NR-PC5 Protocols and Bearers
• NR-PC5 Broadcast
• NR-PC5 Groupcast
• NR-PC5 Unicast

• V2X Uu and PC5 QoS.
• PC5 5QI (PQI)

• V2X Network Slicing.
• V2X Network Slice Operation.
• Types of Synchronization.
• NR-V2X Uu and PC5 Synchronization.

• 5G V2X Mobiliy Xn Handover.
• 5G V2X Mobiliy N2 Handover.
• What is MEC
• MEC deployment
• MEC Architecture
• MEC Applications within V2X

• 3GPP use cases
• 5GAA Use cases
• Safety and Vehicle Management Use Cases
• Convenience Use Cases
• Autonomous Driving Use Cases
• Platooning use cases
• Traffic Efficiency and Society Use Cases


This course introduces 5G V2X (Vehicle to Everything) and its relationship to various ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) standards. In so doing, V2X use-
cases related to 3GPP and 5GAA are discussed. The course then examines 5G V2X procedures including Registration, V2X Provisioning, PDU Session
Establishment and VAE (Vehicle Application Enabler) Registration. Finally, various operational aspects are examined, such as NR-PC5 Quality of Service, device synchronization, mobility, roaming and the use of Network Slicing and MEC (Multi-access Edge Computing) in a V2X environment.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the 5G V2X course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of 5G V2X and its relationship with ITS standards
  • Identify and analyze key V2X use-cases related to 3GPP and 5GAA
  • Perform detailed V2X procedures including Registration, Provisioning, and Session Establishment
  • Manage operational aspects such as Quality of Service, device synchronization, and mobility in a V2X environment
  • Utilize Network Slicing and MEC in V2X applications for enhanced performance

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Knowledge on 5G Technology  


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It was a very useful and informative training course about 5G Telecommunication systems, covering among others the Radio Access Interface, the core network systems, [...]

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