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 This course introduces 5G V2X (Vehicle to Everything) and its relationship to various ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) standards. In so doing, V2X use- cases related to 3GPP and 5GAA are discussed.











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5G V2X Training

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This course introduces 5G V2X (Vehicle to Everything) and its relationship to

various ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) standards. In so doing, V2X use-
cases related to 3GPP and 5GAA are discussed. The course then examines 5G

V2X procedures including Registration, V2X Provisioning, PDU Session
Establishment and VAE (Vehicle Application Enabler) Registration. Finally,
various operational aspects are examined, such as NR-PC5 Quality of Service,
device synchronization, mobility, roaming and the use of Network Slicing and
MEC (Multi-access Edge Computing) in a V2X environment.


Knowledge on 5G Technology  

Learning Path

  • V2X High Level Goals.
  • Intelligent Transport Systems.
  • V2X Terminology.
  • V2X Communication Standards.
  • DSRC vs C-V2X.
  1. Sensors.
  2. LiDAR and RADAR.
  3. ITS Stations.
  4. ITS Station Layers.
  • V2X Application Layer.
  • Key 5G Nodes for V2X.
  • V2X Application Layer.
  • 5G V2X RSU (Road Side Units).
  • Multicast Broadcast Service Architecture
  • V2X Telematics.
  • Autonomous Vehicles.
  • 3GPP Use Case Groups.
  • 5GAA Use Cases.
  • Safety – Cooperative Traffic Gap.
  • Safety – Interactive VRU Crossing.
  • Vehicle Operations Management – Software.


  • Automated Valet Parking.
  • Awareness Confirmation.
  • In-Vehicle Entertainment.
  • Obstructed View Assist.
  • Vehicle Decision Assist.
  • Automated Intersection Crossing.
  • Autonomous Vehicle Disengagement Report.
  • Cooperative Manoeuvres of Autonomous Vehicles for Emergency Situations.
  • Coordinated, Cooperative Driving Manœuvre
  • Tele-Operated Driving.
  • Remote Automated Driving Cancellation.
  • Tele-Operated Driving for Automated Parking.
  • Vehicles Platooning in Steady State.
  • Bus Lane Sharing Request / Revocation.
  • Continuous Traffic Flow via Green Lights Coordination.
  • Group Start.
  • Accident Report.
  • Patient Transport Monitoring.
  • Initial Requirements.
  • 5G Registration Procedure.
  • PCF Authorization.
  • 5G PDU Session for V2X.
  • QoS Flows.
  • 5G V2X QoS.
  • PDU Session Establishment Procedure.
  • Identifying PC5 Configuration.
  • Direct Communication Modes.
  • 5G V2X Bands.
  • NR-PC5 Protocols
  • PC5-S Procedures.
  • Broadcast.
  • Groupcast.
  • Unicast.

V2X Uu and PC5 QoS.

PC5 5QI.

QoS Sustainability for V2X.

V2X Network Slicing and Network Slice Operation.

  • Types of Synchronization.
  • NR-V2X Uu and PC5 Synchronization.
  • NR-V2X Synchronization Priority Levels.
  • Xn Handover.
  • N2 Handover.
  • V2X Handover Considerations.
  • Interworking and Roaming.
  • Overview.
  • MEC Traffic Routing.
  • MEC Applications.
  • Multi-Operator Support.

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