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Deep dive into 5G Private Network Training

Deep dive into 5G Private Network Training






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    5GWorldPro has become the leader on providing 5G Trainings to particulars, service providers, operators, enterprises around the world and they have been recommended by many Professionals

    This 5G course deeps dive into  5G Private Network, talking about the drivers, challenges and deployment models, we will also cover 5G private network  use cases, exploring scenarios scenarios such as 5G FWA, Industry 4.0, 5G Smart Mine, 5G Smart Port …



    Certification provided

    After passing quiz

    Non Technical


    7 hours




    Completing this course will help you:

    Who is the course for?

    This course is designed for technical and non technical engineers, manager and directors  

    Learning Path

    • What is private 5G network
    • Advantages of 5G Private Networks.
    • Challenges of 5G Private network
    • Frequencies for 5G Private network in different bands
    • Situation of 5G Private network in several countries
    1. SNPN: Standalone Non-Public Network
    2. PNI-NPN: Public Network Integrated – Non Public Network
    3. 5G Hybrid Private Network Architecture
    4. 5G Virtual Private network Architecture
    5. Advantages/Disadvantages of deployment options
    6. How to choose the right 5G Private network deployment
    • 5G FWA ( Fixed Wireless Acess) is a reality
    • 4G FWA Vs 5G FWA
    • 5G FWA offers in countries
    • 5G FWA Use case
    • CPE Indoor/Outdoor
    • 3GPP standard and Industry 4.0
    • Performance comparison between 5G, 4G, Wifi, Fiber
    • Use case : 5G Real time Monitoring
    • Use case : 5G High definition security Surveillance
    • How 5G overcome industry challenges
    • What is AR
    • AR/VR Development Prediction
    • AR Use cases
    • 5G to overcome AR Challenges
    • Definition and Types of AGV in Industry 4.0
    • Main current Challenges for AGV
    • 5G and AI support for next generation AGV
    • What are Drones and NTN networks
    • Use case : 5G drone and public Safety
    • Use case : 5G drone for connectivity
    • How 5G helps overcome challenges
    • Global Mine Allocation and Production
    • Definition and benefits of Smart Mine
    • Use case 1 : 5G Video Surveillance in mine
    • Use case 2 : 5G Remote Control in mine
    • Use case 3 :  AI enabled 5G Robot
    • Use case 4 : 5G Precise Positioning
    • Use case 5 : 5G for Unmanned Driving
    • Smart Mine E2E Architecture
    • Global Port share worldwide
    • Definition and benefits of Smart Port
    • 5G Port Mobile Private Architecture
    • Use case : Remote Control of Gantry Cranes
    • Use case : Remote Control of Quayside Container Crane
    • Use case : Intelligent Guided Vehicle (IGV) Control
    • Use case : Video Surveillance and AI Recognition
    • Use case : Automated logistics with 5G unmanned trucks

    You will receive 5G certification once the test is successfully  completed.

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