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5G Drones operate in dubai with du

du from Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC) is collaborating in partnership with Dubai authorities to provide solutions that will drive future generations of low-power, high-performance 5G drones.

A cutting-edge drone technology was demonstrated by Du on a secure 5G private network. By recording video streaming, monitoring, and streaming in the cities, Du has strengthened security and safety measures for operating drones.

During New Year’s Eve, more than two million people visited the Dubai Downtown area to celebrate the occation. Together with the company Dubai authorities were able digitally streamline their operations, remotely manage drones autonomously, and provide continuous live streaming of video feeds to the command centre.

To provide a top-quality network experience for New Year’s Eve, du set up its own private 5G mobile phone network, which has an exclusive configuration that ensures uninterrupted coverage and a high-quality coverage that met the connectivity needs of the drones operating in the area.

The collaboration was extremely successful , as it enabled a new 5G use case in UAE by du, and enabled solution to observe and operate drones that monitored the crowd, facilitated security measures and provided visibility in crowded places such as Downtown Dubai

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