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Time to market between 5G and Wifi

For Mobile Communication Standards body we are having 3GPP, and for Wireless Computer system Data networking, it is IEEE 802.11.

Wi-Fi Innovation and Network entered into the 3rd decade of its development, which is currently a basic part of the last-mile connection to all enterprise and consumer connections particularly internet access, it is being the dominant indoor wireless technology in residences, workplaces, businesses, as well as significantly public spaces .

5G from it side is created to increase the speed and capacity of wireless networks. While 4G was about connectivity, 5G is all about creating new experiences, speed, and scale. Unlike Wi-Fi 6, 5G will be the best choice for outdoor networks, especially in cases where you’ll be moving quickly, like in a car or a train.

In comparison to 5G, the Wi-Fi time to market is anticipated really rapid as a result of its essential advantage of backwards compatibility, that makes it feasible that all brand-new access points can be very easy to be brought in with 802.11 ax standard. It makes Wi-Fi echo system to remain undamaged as it is. Contrast to this, 5G has significant adoption obstacles to evolve from NSA to SA design and also device echo system.

Below the forecasted time to market penetration between 5G, and Wi-Fi 6 based on the number of connections:

With the growth in Wifi and the expected growth in 5G they will both have to converge to provide the future generation Wireless networks with seamless mobility and also functionality between 2 standards, what you should keep in mind is that both technologies will coexist and work better together to support different use cases

These requirements placed strict enforcement on both 3GPP and Wi-Fi alliance to develop standards for convergence. 3GPP has actually considered this in the advancement of Release-15 and also Release-16.

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