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Robot Covid 5G Project: Vodafone Spain works with Intel, Microsoft and IBM

Vodafone Spain has Joined forces with many companies such as Intel, Altran, Microsoft and Fivecomm to launch a project named Robot Covid 5G based on a self-guide autonomous car (‘sentinel robot’) with picture and temperature detectors to help control the activities of the general public in the present pandemic scenario.

The sentinel robot features an image detector using facial recognition to identify people that aren’t wearing a mask in addition to a thermal camera to find people with greater than usual body temperatures.  The Data is gathered by the robot and delivered through Edge Computing technology situated on Vodafone’s 5G network into a central control center for an immediate reaction.  The remote operator can handle alarms and also converse with therecognized individual in real time,” said Vodafone.

For this trial Vodafone is providing the 5G network connectivity infrastructure, while the startup Fivecomm is supplying its remote driving solition onto a mobile robot.

Altran from the other side is incorporating the  facial recognition and temperature measurement detectors, where Intel is providing the the AI algorithms via its Xeon SP processors and Microsoft the cloud computing  infrastructure via Azure Stack Edge.

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