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Surgeon in London performs remote operation on a banana

Surgeon in London are performing remote operation on a banana in California using 5G

With the advent of 5G, new possibilities are coming for orthopedic surgery.

The Low latency of 5G is  the main enabler here. As we know Latency occurs when data is sent across a network, either using cables or through wireless connectivity with cell towers, to a device or machine. The higher the latency, the longer those messages take to send. By lowering the latency to near instantaneous, 5G opens is opening up a whole of new possibilities for Surgery Industry, enabling surgeons to perform remote surgery from remote locations, thousands of miles away.

With a low enough end-to-end latency – the time taken for signal from London, e.g. when surgeon moves his control stick, to reach the robot in California and the visual and haptic response to be sent back to London – controlling the surgical robot successfully becomes possible

Tele-surgery has the potential for large-scale adoption, revolutionizing healthcare and surgical treatments around the world, especially for underserved and remote areas, This way of performing surgery has been a dream for more than 20 years

Technology and medicine are evolving rapidly, with artificial intelligence, robotic assistance, and now 5G telecommunications set to play a critical role in enabling not only robotic telesurgery but also teleassistance and telementoring

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