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Summary of India’s June 2024 Spectrum Auction

India’s recent spectrum auction done on june 2024 concluded with the government raising INR113 billion ($1.35 billion), significantly lower than the base price of INR962.38 billion ($11.5 billion). The auction ended early on the second day, highlighting the cautious approach of telecom operators.

Key Outcomes:

– **Reliance Jio:** Despite submitting the highest earnest money deposit of INR30 billion ($359 million), Jio acquired only 14.4 MHz of spectrum in the 1,800 MHz band in Bihar and West Bengal for INR9.7 billion ($116.6 million). Chairman Akash M. Ambani emphasized Jio’s commitment to meeting growing traffic demands and enhancing customer experience in both urban and rural areas.

– **Bharti Airtel:** Airtel acquired 97 MHz across the 900 MHz, 1,800 MHz, and 2,100 MHz bands for INR68.6 billion ($821 million). The purchase aligns with Airtel’s strategy to strengthen its mid-band holdings and ensure seamless 4G and 5G services nationwide. CEO Gopal Vittal highlighted the focus on improving indoor coverage and delivering superior customer experiences.

– **Vodafone Idea:** Acquired 50 MHz in the 900 MHz, 1,800 MHz, and 2,500 MHz bands for INR35.1 billion ($420.66 million) in 11 circles. CEO Akshaya Moondra noted that the spectrum acquisition would enhance the company’s competitive position and support advanced technologies to improve customer experience.

Market Dynamics:

The auction’s lower revenue compared to the 2022 auction, which raised INR1.5 trillion ($17.97 billion), reflects the operators’ strategic and financial considerations. With Airtel and Reliance Jio having sufficient capacity to serve their 172 million 5G subscribers, the focus remains on maximizing returns from existing investments before further spectrum acquisition.

This cautious approach underscores the evolving priorities of Indian telecom operators as they navigate the complex landscape of 5G deployment and spectrum utilization.

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