Monday, September 20, 2021

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Functional Split: RU, CU and DU

In the 5G era, considering the trend of RAN virtualization, cloudization and centralization, and in order to reduce the fronthaul capacity and delay, the...

Dell wants to be a key partner to telcos for Open Ran Deployments

Dell is aiming to become a key partner for telcos as they execute their edge services strategies by offering a portfolio of technologies, industry...

Toward easing policies on EMF rules in Brussels

The local parliament in Brussels has actually taken a small step towards easing policies on radiation that might lead the way for the intro of 5G...

NR Physical Channels and Signals

Below more details about Downlink/Uplink  Physical Channel/Signal with their related Functions Downlink Physical Channel/Signal Functions SS Used for time-frequency synchronization and cell search. PBCH Carries system information to be...

Ericsson have launched a new private 5G SA platform

Ericsson has actually introduced a private 5G that will be supporting both 4G and 5G SA private networks to benefit from the opportunities in the enterprise...

Difference between Frequency Range, IBW and OBW in 5G (3.5Ghz band)

Difference between Frequency Range, IBW and OBW in 5G (3.5Ghz band) Frequency Range: It refers to bandwidth defined by the frequency range within which the Base...

Dish’s 5G Network with: Cloud-Native 5G RAN (5G O-RAN) and 5G SA Core on AWS

Dish's 5G Network with: Cloud-Native 5G RAN (5G O-RAN) and 5G SA Core on AWS   Source  Netmanias Consulting and HFR, Inc.

Rakuten: Huge Losses in the Mobile Business Q1/21 results

Rakuten has published their Q1/21 results and some astonishing losses showing in the Mobile business. Japan’s newest mobile operator is just one year old and...

SU-MIMO Vs MU-Mimo in 5G

Multi-User MIMO Simply, SU-MIMO is the same MIMO we know from LTE networks. It will provide multiple layers of communications to handset for increasing of...

LTE vs NR: Reference signal design

5G NR has an ultra lean design, which minimizes always-on transmissions to enhance network energy  efficiency, reduce interference, and ensure forward compatibility. In contrast...

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